Expert Computer Services for Your Peace of Mind

In addition to our many computer products and accessories, Reality Bytes Computers Inc. also offers computer services to ensure your personal or business computer is kept up-to-date and running smoothly, including the following:
Data back-up & recovery
If your computer experiences an unexpected failure, protect your sensitive data with our data back-up and recovery services. Our experts specialize in retrieving data quickly so you don’t have to worry or lose any sleep at night wondering where your files disappeared to.
Hosting servers
We offer web-hosting services with unique domain names so you can promote your business.

System upgrades
Is it time for a new desktop computer or laptop? You may not need to purchase a new machine to enjoy all the latest available technology. Learn how to upgrade your existing system with additional hard drives or memory to extend the life of your computer, all while saving you money in the long run.
Virus control, repairs & restorations
Because you’ve invested significantly into your computer or laptop, protect your investment with virus control software recommended by our experts. If your system has already been compromised, we can help restore or repair your computer too. We service all makes and models.
Rely upon our years of experience to provide viable computer solutions to fit your budget and lifestyle!